The process of realizing a building is fraught with risks due to uncertainty.

There are statutes and codes of practice governing design and construction, and contracts to govern relationships, which are in black and white whereas reality is many shades of grey.

But amidst uncertainty, there are timeless principles founded on the human psyche, how we think and feel, which then influence how we act – there is a constancy that can be used to help us navigate the complexities of a project, avoid pitfalls and bring about successful completion.

On that basis, Catherine Loke offers her perspective on:
• Timeless aspects of the architectural delivery process
• Common areas and causes of disputes
• How Building Information Modelling (BIM) can be used for better communication
• Sustainability and future uncertainty (and what questions we should ask)

[This talk was given as part of HKA-CIOB’s webinar “Part 2: Avoiding engineering pitfalls in Buildings & Architectural projects” on 30 June 2022.  Watch the entire webinar, including the Q&A, here]

Video courtesy of HKA-CIOB