Scope of Service

Other Consultants

Other consultants are typically engaged directly by the client while we act as team leader and coordinate the work of the consultant team.  Other consultants typically comprise:

  • a Civil & Structural (C&S) Engineer who will design the civil and structural works, do structural submissions to the authorities, prepare tender & construction drawings and check the Contractor’s civil and structural works;
  • a Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Engineer who will check existing services around the site and design the new services, prepare a pre-tender cost estimate, do services submissions to the authorities, prepare tender & construction drawings, check the Contractor’s services works and evaluate value of services work done on site; and
  • a Quantity Surveyor (QS) who will do a pre-tender cost estimate (to check that the design is on budget), prepare tender & contract documents, value the work done on site and prepare the Final Account.

In addition, some projects may require other specialist consultants.